HIPAA Privacy and Security Officer Job Descriptions


Comprehensive job descriptions for your HIPAA Privacy and Security Officers in Microsoft Word. You can customize to fit your organizations requirements.

The HIPAA-HITECH-Omnibus Security rule standard 164.308(a)(2) Assigned Security Responsibility states that a security official who is responsible for the development and implementation of policies and procedures is required by this subpart for the covered entity or business associate.

Many organizations around the country have this type of job duties delegated to an individual but it is important to have the proper details of their responsibilities on file for compliance with this HIPAA-HITECH-Omnibus Security standard.

A recommendation from ComplyAssistant would be assign the role of HIPAA Security Officer outside of Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) or Information Technology (IT) departments. This strategic decision will allow for total objectivity when evaluating an IT related issue for compliance or lack of compliance with the HIPAA Security regulations.

ComplyAssistant’s HIPAA-HITECH-Omnibus Privacy and Security Officer Job Descriptions are one of the free tools we offer to our website visitors in order assist in their compliance needs. Our goal is to institute a “culture of compliance” in each of our client organizations and the use of a properly defined HIPAA-HITECH-Omnibus Privacy and Security Officer job description is an important part of the compliance evolution.

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