Business Associate Inventory Spreadsheet


This spreadsheet will help your organization organize and categorize your Business Associates by risk.  As an extra bonus this file can interface directly into our ComplyAssistant software.

First, organize all of your BA’s demographic and contact information. Then, use the BA Profile section of the sheet to:

  • Describe a BAs scope of service for the CE (e.g. describe how this organization requires access to a CE’s PHI in order to fulfill the contract requirements)
  • Answer subsequent questions related to potential high, medium, and low inherent risk

Upon the completion of BA inventory organization, use your BA profiles to distribute a BA HIPAA Risk Assessment based on inherent risk. We understand this is a daunting task for most organizations, especially if the process is not automated. ComplyAssistant’s BA Management software and service package is scalable to meet any organization’s size.

To learn more visit our BA Management software and service page.

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