HIPAA-HITECH Privacy and Security Reminders for the Workforce


Provide your work force with HIPAA Privacy and Security reminders. Our inventory of reminders provides you with an excellent starting point. You can easily add and modify based on your organization’s policies and procedures.

The HIPAA-HITECH-Omnibus Security rule implementation specification 164.308(a)(5)(ii)(A) Security Reminders states that reminders should be distributed to an organization’s team members on a periodic basis.

The organization’s vulnerabilities to security incidents are not static; they will change with technology and with the organization’s infrastructure and business processes. Therefore, learning and knowing about security issues are continuous processes. Your workforce members should receive periodic reminders of security requirements.

As a Privacy and/or Security Officer, you need to recognize that an annual employee training does not sufficient enough to reinforce the importance of the HIPAA-HITECH-Omnibus Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification rules. A recommendation made by ComplyAssistant to our clients is the implementation of Privacy and Security reminders as rotating workstation screen savers. This will continually enforce the importance of PHI privacy and security.

ComplyAssistant’s HIPAA-HITECH-Omnibus Privacy and Security Reminders are one of the free tools we offer to website visitors in order assist in their compliance needs. Our goal is to institute a “culture of compliance” in each of our client organizations and the use of properly outlined HIPAA-HITECH-Omnibus Privacy and Security Reminders is an important part of the compliance evolution.

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