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ComplyAssistant offers GRC software and healthcare cybersecurity services to organizations of all sizes. We designed our software and companion cybersecurity services to help you organize and manage complex security and compliance processes making you more efficient.

Heard the term "GRC" but not quite sure what it means or how it relates to healthcare?

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GRC Software

Our risk management and healthcare compliance software can help you meet your compliance and security needs.

  • Manage information security frameworks such as HIPAA, HICP, HITRUST, and NIST.

  • Manage any federal, state and local compliance regulation.

  • Manage a high volume of third-party vendor risk management programs.

  • Manage by exception with filtering, alerts and notifications – all in a simple user interface.

  • Mobilize your audit teams with our mobile application free trial.

  • Assess threats and controls across your entire organization with the risk register.

Compliance Management Software Mobile Audit Application

Healthcare Cybersecurity Services

We focus on virtual CISO services to cover all control standards (e.g. HICP, HIPAA etc.), identify gaps, and deliver a holistic risk mitigation roadmap.

  • Our healthcare cybersecurity consultants are seasoned subject matter experts who provide unbiased reviews.

  • We perform both internal security audits and vendor risk management services.

  • All audit results are delivered in our compliance management software portal, not in a spreadsheet.

  • Our consultants provide a directive action plan as part of your roadmap.

Consulting With Compliance Management Software

White Label GRC Software

Managed service providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) use our compliance management software to provide general IT and HIPAA services to their clients.

  • Easily manage a high volume of client audits with a structured tool.

  • Administer third-party vendor risk management programs.

  • Manage your clients by exception with extensive filters, automated alerts and notifications.

  • Provide clients with secure access to their own documents and reports.

Compliance Management Software Business Associate Management
 Compliance Management Software Client Deliverables

FAQs About Compliance Management Software

  • How does Managed Compliance benefit you?

    Having compliance management solutions, or managed compliance, is beneficial in several ways. It helps your organization avoid fines, loss of certification, security breaches, and additional damages. Ultimately, it helps you maintain continuity of business and prevent financial loss.

  • What are the key elements of a compliance management system?

    To be effective, a compliance management system should include oversight, a compliance program, and a compliance audit. Compliance software helps you achieve all three of these key three elements. When organizations work together toward comprehensive compliance management solutions, you can mitigate current and future risks.

  • Why is compliance management important for healthcare?

    Compliance management solutions are essential for healthcare because patient fraud or abuse must be minimized. Utilizing the right compliance management software solutions can aid in enhancing patient privacy and safety. It also assists with billing, organizational efficiency, and the quality of care.

  • What types of businesses can benefit from using compliance management software?

    Virtually every industry should invest in compliance management software solutions. It enables independent reviews within healthcare, manufacturing, and other organizations. Additionally, compliance policies, risk-management procedures, and cooperation protocols all benefit from compliance management technology.

What our customers are saying

Cape Regional Health System

"ComplyAssistant’s cloud-based software solution allowed us to efficiently and effectively manage the entire compliance process, from assessment development and distribution through management of action items." --CIO

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5 Tips for Preventing Healthcare System Cyberattacks

ComplyAssistant’s Gerry Blass comments on managing vendor relationships with due diligence and the importance of cybersecurity breach response plans in Digital Health Insight’s “5 Tips for Preventing Healthcare System Cyberattacks” article from January 11, 2023. Manage vendor relationships with due diligence: “Outsourcing is pivotal to a growing organization, but it’s important to vet the organizations […]

The Ever Evolving World of Cybersecurity Threats

ComplyAssistant’s Gerry Blass comments on the biggest threats to healthcare organizations that we should be concerned about in Healthcare IT Today’s “The Ever Evolving World of Cybersecurity Threats” article. In January 2021, HHS’s Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) rule was signed into law. It is an extension of the HIPAA/ HITECH Security Rule and identifies […]

The Many Upsides of HICP Compliance

In the latest interview conducted by Healthcare IT News, Gerry Blass, President & CEO, ComplyAssistant, and Frank Sinatra, Vice President of Information Technology & Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Newark’s University Hospital discuss the benefits of implementing the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) framework within your organization. HICP’s accessible cybersecurity information benefits all levels of […]

Free Tools

HIPAA Business Associate Agreement Template

This free tool is a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement / Contract Addendum template for the requirements of the HITECH Act of 2009 and Omnibus Final Rule 2013 in Microsoft Word format. Use it as a starting point and customize it to meet the requirements for your business associate agreements. For continued due diligence of third parties, consider vendor risk management software or vendor risk management services to evaluate their security position.

HIPAA Privacy and Security Proactive Audits Tool Kit

Contains recommended HIPAA Privacy and Security audits that your organization should consider implementing for policies & procedures, proactive information system activity review, and facility walkthroughs.

HIPAA Facility Security Walkthrough Checklist

Excellent guidance for auditing facilities that contain protected health information. Simply check the boxes and write notes as you conduct your walk-through audit.


Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst, Plan Today

The evolution of the risk of successful cyberattacks has been evident since 2010—when the Affordable Care Act was signed and resulted in a transition from paper to electronic medical records. Healthcare organizations began implementing new electronic medical record applications to comply with meaningful use (MU) requirements. Over the years, MU has introduced new criteria with a heavy focus on interoperability among applications. The combination of MU efforts, merger and acquisition activity, and the pandemic-induced remote workforce have increased healthcare organizations’ risk profiles, remaining a prime target for cyberattackers to do what they do best.

Healthcare Security and Risk – 2023 Health IT Predictions

Investments in cybersecurity will remain a top priority for healthcare executives. There are three specific gaps for provider organizations to watch in the year ahead: vendor risk management, internal audits, and disaster recovery plans.

Cybersecurity Risk Prevention in 2023: Three Gaps to Close

Health care investments in privacy and security are set to explode in the wake of ongoing cyberattacks and rising risk. Know the three most important risk areas to fortify and be prepared for the 2023 surge.


Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices: Where Cyber Safety Meets Patient Safety

The 2023 edition of HICP includes new top five threats and many new mitigating practices that your organization should implement to keep patients safe. A breakdown of these items can be found in the HHS 405(d) 2023 HICP update blog post.

GRC Software Update: A Guide to Our Latest Frameworks and Features

An organization’s approach to governance, risk, and compliance can have a huge effect on business. In today’s world of cyber breaches and ransomware attacks on companies of all sizes and scope, organizational leaders must work together to ensure their approach to GRC is intact.

The Evolution of Risk to PHI and Patient Safety

In the 70s and 80s, healthcare organizations started to migrate their patient management information from hard copy to electronic, either on shared mainframes such as SMS and McAuto or on microprocessors. The user workstations had no intelligence and were known as “dumb terminals.” There were limited locations of electronic identifiable health information. There was no motivation to sell identifiable health information.