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Try ComplyAssistant’s mobile app free. Using your tablet or smartphone, capture information during walkthrough audits quickly and easily with our mobile healthcare compliance audit tool.

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Does this sound familiar? Your team is out in the field, performing various walkthrough audits, hand-writing exceptions to security and compliance protocols on a notepad.

Why not save time by automatically gathering your audit notes digitally? You can with ComplyAssistant’s healthcare compliance audit tools.

With our mobile app – available for Android and iOS devices – your team can perform walkthrough audits quickly. Using a tablet or smartphone, simply log in and select the facility and type of audit you want to perform. The mobile app will guide you through each step of the process.

Our healthcare compliance audit tool comes preloaded* with exceptions, categorized into groups such as administrative, building, staff, physical and verbal. With a full subscription to ComplyAssistant’s healthcare compliance software, we give you the options to create your own custom lists in our web application, along with the ability to input facilities, departments and notes on the fly from the mobile app.

Healthcare Compliance Audit Tools

And, even better? You and your team won’t have to spend extra time transcribing handwritten notes into a report. No more notepads. No more trying to remember what you wrote, or attempting to read someone else’s handwriting. Gathering audit information directly in our mobile app can help reduce lost information or errors in the transcription process.

Plus, since all audit data collected via our healthcare compliance audit tool is encrypted and securely uploaded directly to our healthcare compliance software, you don’t have to waste hours of work combing through notes to write reports. All your audit data is compiled directly in our cloud-based software – not saved on your mobile device – allowing you to analyze trends and create mitigation action plans more quickly.

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*The mobile app free trial provides one (1) standard HIPAA checklist. Free trial features are constrained set. Timing and configuration depends on schedules and complexity. Using ComplyAssistant mobile compliance audit tools (such as the mobile app) does not guarantee HIPAA compliance. ComplyAssistant cannot be held liable for any negligence or other non-compliance of federal privacy and security regulations. ComplyAssistant cannot be held liable for any risk, lack of risk mitigation or breach.

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