The Role Of GRC In Cyber Security And Why It Matters

Posted by Tonni Islam

When speaking about governance risk and compliance with regard to cybersecurity, it’s not something that every organization specializes in. However, it’s something that cannot be ignored.

While cybersecurity typically focuses on devices, data, and networks, GRC is the tool that will help you understand it and communicate it. GRC tools, such as governance risk and compliance solutions from ComplyAssistant, can help you define and execute the best practices for your healthcare organization.

Ultimately, you can reduce the risks associated with your industry, maintaining compliance, security, and ideal outcomes. So, in short, GRC is the method by which you achieve the outcome that you’re going for.

Still, because these themes can get complicated, let’s talk about some essentials regarding GRC and cybersecurity. That way you can best prepare your organization going forward.

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Governance, Risk, And Compliance + Cybersecurity: The Connection

GRC and cyber security are intricately linked. And both are more important than ever before.

As the world becomes more interconnected, the reality is that more devices connected to either your intranet or the intranet at large will be used. From patients to vendors to staff members, there is always a risk vector involved.

The Principles Of GRC

GRC can build trust in your organization and maximize your bottom line while allowing you to meet regulations with best practices. GRC ultimately exists to help you navigate regulatory needs in a way that still meets your organizational goals.

How GRC Supports Cyber Security For Healthcare Organizations

GRC can assign roles to business units and enhance communication between various departments or stakeholders.

It also unifies the vocabulary across your team. This helps you mitigate risk both internally and externally with better control monitoring and meet industry and government regulations while preventing data breaches or misuse.

The Role Of GRC For Audits

Organizations must have audit-proof operations. The processes need to be well-documented to show that you’re adhering to critical frameworks.

From incident response to cybersecurity awareness training, to compliance reviews, GRC can help you use a single source for information, clarity, and communication. It protects data privacy and maintains full visibility across the spectrum of your organization.

Ultimately, this improves collaboration and decision-making since accountability is documented and with very clear evidence.

The Importance Of GRC For Culture

A healthcare organization that has compliance as a part of its DNA will go farther than its competitors.

With additional accountability and agility to respond and mitigate risks, your organization can grow incredibly quickly while still ensuring that patients enjoy the utmost safety, privacy and protection.

You will also have to invest fewer resources as you go along — integrating new and evolving techniques that may aid your organization in maintaining compliance and reducing risk.

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