How Has Technology Impacted Healthcare? 5 Insights

Posted by Tonni Islam

Technology is making a large impact for healthcare in today’s day and age. But how has technology affected healthcare compliance? While technology can help you maintain organizational KPIs, it also has unique challenges that you might face.

So in this article, let’s talk about five ways that technology is impacting healthcare compliance.

How Technology Has Impacted Healthcare

1. Offering historical data for compliance liability

In order to achieve excellent patient outcomes, compliance is key within the healthcare industry. Doctors and nurses in hospitals need to be protected from unintended harm as well.

The data that’s available to you is what determines how well you stay within compliance. Therefore, you need access to this historical data so you can know what parties had access to what information.

You can create frameworks for analytical modeling and improve your outcomes by drawing on anonymized data thanks to technology today.

2. Protecting patient documents in transit and at rest

While cybercrime is on the rise, technology also offers protection from these threats. To remain fully compliant with HIPAA, you can use technology to secure electronic documents.

You can do this with encryption and with firewalls. You can even encrypt messages that are in transit such as direct messages or emails. This allows for the use of mobile devices without increased risk.

3. Faster document retrieval

Being able to access documents quickly with healthcare compliance solutions is essential. In any medical facility, you need to be able to review patient’s information and treat them effectively. However, their information must also be protected when it’s an electronic record.

For this reason, health providers can have distributed documents while still accessing them from the cloud using modern technology.

4. Tracking patient progress

Surveying patient progress throughout their hospitalization is critical. By having a secure digital form that analyzes the patient, you can provide the right treatment at the right time. That way, everyone can be on the same page.

5. Reducing errors

Data entry errors are a common problem with compliance. In order to maintain your compliance and prevent liability, you need to ensure that you minimize human data error. For this reason, technology can transfer information across different databases without the risk of misspellings and typos.

In summation, the answer to “how has technology impacted the healthcare industry” is “several ways that are incredibly significant.” So smart healthcare organizations should take note and implement technology in their favor.

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How Has Technology Impacted Health Care Compliance: Bottom Line

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