Gerry Blass

Gerry Blass, President and CEO

Gerry Blass brings over 35 years of experience in healthcare information technology. Prior to ComplyAssistant, Gerry was the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for a major healthcare system in New Jersey. As the CISO, Gerry built the HIPAA Privacy and Security programs and chaired their multidisciplinary governance team.

In 2002 Gerry founded ComplyAssistant to provide software and service solutions for HIPAA and IT strategic planning. Today, ComplyAssistant provides software and service solutions to over 100 healthcare organizations with a focus on cybersecurity and compliance frameworks and regulations, including HIPAA-HITECH-OMNIBUS, PCI, HITRUST, OSHA, Accreditation, OIG Medicare and Medicaid, Conflict of Interest, and other federal and state healthcare regulations.

Gerry currently chairs the NJ HIMSS Privacy, Security and Compliance Committee and participates in national and local chapter events that include NY, NJ, and Delaware Valley. Gerry contributes to healthcare compliance articles and postings in various blogs and publications. Gerry shares content in HIPAA 411, a LinkedIn group he co-founded, along with many other related LinkedIn groups. Gerry is an active member and presents at industry association events with HIMSS, HFMA, AITP, NCHICA, NJPCA, NJAMHAA, and HCCA.

James Schroeder

James Schroeder, VP Software Engineering

As ComplyAssistant's Vice President of Software Engineering, James manages technology operations and software development. His team works at the core of the ComplyAssistant product, implementing new features and altering the user interface to suit client needs. A strict advocate of test-driven development (TDD), James leads his team through an Agile Methodology for development.

James has an eclectic background in software engineering with extensive experience in embedded C and server programming. He is well-versed in writing high-performance and concurrent code with large data sets, as well as, writing code that takes speed, resource and space management into account. A classically trained computer scientist, James graduated magna cum laude from Stony Brook University with a bachelor's degree in computer science.

James is a cycling and nature enthusiast often found in Brooklyn's Prospect Park or on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway en route to fresher air and climbable mountains.

Ken J. Reiher

Ken J. Reiher, VP Operations

Kenneth J. Reiher is the Vice President of Operations and Business Development. His responsibilities include the overall management of business operations. Other management responsibilities include support of consulting engagements, development of existing and future products, and client support.

Ken’s experience encompasses over 15 years of management and consulting expertise in the healthcare industry, culminating into an Executive Level position with a leading healthcare compliance software and consulting firm. His previous experience includes Senior Management level positions responsible for over 60 million dollars of revenue and 27 team members for three major Northern New Jersey medical centers. Ken’s additional knowledge includes the areas of revenue cycle operations, financial reporting, corporate compliance, and auditing services.

He is affiliated with organizations such as HIMSS (NJ, NY, DV, and National), NJPCA, NJAMHAA, and HFMA (NJ and National). Ken is a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University Madison where he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) in Business Management and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.).

Rita Romeu

Rita Romeu, VP Client and Business Partner Support

Over the course of her career, Rita Romeu has gathered extensive experience and expertise in health care administration, compliance, and policy. Dr. Romeu is Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Development at ComplyAssistant, where she provides consulting and auditing services as well as training and education to our clients. She also actively participates in ComplyAssistant’s marketing and sales efforts, and she serves on the Advisory Board.

From 1995 to 2013, she was partner and Vice President at ARMDS (later acquired by Adreima) a revenue cycle consulting company. She oversaw the compliance program, training and education, and the sales and marketing programs. Prior to working in private industry, Dr. Romeu was the Acting Director of the Health Care for the Uninsured Program at the New Jersey Department of Health, where she was responsible for administering the Uncompensated Care Pool and the Charity Care Subsidy Pool. Rita is a fellow (FHFMA) in the New Jersey Chapter of the Health Care Financial Management Association and has her certification in Health Care Compliance from the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA). She is a frequent public speaker on policy and compliance issues and enjoys training and organizing educational events.

Bob Pagnotta

Bob Pagnotta, Strategic Advisor

Bob has over forty years of executive experience in the healthcare industry. Bob has founded and managed several companies engaged in computer services, consulting, and Medicaid eligibility. Clients served during his tenure is over four hundred nationwide. Bob currently serves as a strategic advisor.

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