4 Free Tools for Healthcare Compliance Management

Posted by Ken Reiher

ComplyAssistant’s easy-to-use tools keep you organized while managing your compliance and security programs

We know healthcare compliance management can be overwhelming. But, having a long-term strategy that allows security and compliance to be a foundational component of your organization’s operations is key to future protection against breaches.

Because our healthcare compliance consultants have been in this industry for so long, we’ve been able to combine and share our expertise in these free healthcare compliance management tools, available 24/7 on our website.

You may wonder which healthcare compliance management tools to start with – we can help you there too. We’ve found the most requested tools are those for vendor risk management and HIPAA audits. Let’s break down the most popular free tools we have in those areas.

FREE TOOL #1: Business Associate Inventory Spreadsheet

While it may be surprising, we often find that our clients have the most difficulty in just getting started with vendor risk management at their organizations. It can seem like an Everest-sized project, to be sure. Just like those mountain climbers, you have to take it one phase at a time.

The first step we always recommend: document a complete and accurate BA inventory. Our Business Associate Inventory Spreadsheet will help you organize and categorize BAs by risk, document demographic and contact information, and help you prioritize which BAs should go through an assessment. And bonus! This completed spreadsheet can be loaded directly into our healthcare compliance software.

   Download Business Associate Inventory Spreadsheet

FREE TOOL #2: Medical Device Security Assessment Sample

We consider medical devices to be a subset of business associates (BAs), but with a bit more complexity. Because medical devices can gather, examine and store protected health information (PHI), and are connected to a health system’s network, they are prime targets for hackers who want to infiltrate your system. It’s critical to have a clear understanding of the vulnerabilities associated with all of your medical device vendors.

Our typical assessment for medical device vendors includes 120 questions to properly evaluate each vendor’s cybersecurity controls. This 20-question sample set will get you started with the fundamentals for a comprehensive assessment.

   Download Medical Device Security Assessment Sample

FREE TOOL #3: HIPAA Facility Security Walkthrough Checklist

Do you know all the things to watch for when conducting a HIPAA walkthrough? We do. And we’ve put it together for you in our handy checklist. Performing regular walkthroughs throughout your organization is an essential due diligence step should you ever get audited.

ComplyAssistant’s HIPAA Facility Walkthrough Checklist includes high-level criteria necessary to review as you walk around each department where PHI is accessed and/or stored, including things like employee ID usage, physical building security, if hard copy patient data is visible, how computer workstations are manned, and much more.

And, if you want to take your walkthroughs a step further, we also recommend you consider using a secure mobile application to make the process even easier.

   Download HIPAA Facility Security Walkthrough Checklist

FREE TOOL #4: HIPAA Privacy and Security Proactive Audits Tool Kit

Our customers frequently ask how to perform proactive internal audits, beyond the HIPAA facility security walkthrough. Conducting your own internal audits is a significant tactic to include in your overall healthcare compliance management strategy, and will help you stay compliant with HIPAA and HITECH.

Our HIPAA Privacy and Security Proactive Audits Tool Kit outlines 32 different audits you should consider for your organization. From workforce audits to cybersecurity tactical simulations to virus detection alerts – we’ve gathered them all in this handy kit, along with a description and recommended frequency.

   Download HIPAA Privacy and Security Proactive Audits Tool Kit

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