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Risk Registers: Your First Line of Defense

Partnering with ComplyAssistant for your risk register needs facilitates a bolstered defense for healthcare risk management and establishes complete insight into risks that threaten the security and prosperity of your organization. ComplyAssistant works in sync with your organization to identify risks and controls upfront, setting you and your team up for protection.


Mitigate Risk While Preparing for the Future: Why You Need a DRBC Plan

An article released by Gartner reported that by the year 2025, cyberattackers will have weaponized operational technology (OT) environments to successfully harm or kill humans. OT attacks, also known as attacks on hardware and software that monitors or controls equipment, assets, and processes, are on the rise. Consider the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline, for example. Effects were felt up and down the East Coast, resulting in a payout of $4.4 million and damage to hospitals, emergency medical services, and law enforcement agencies.


How Privacy and Security Teams Can Collaborate With HIM in the Realm of Cyber Threats

The world of health information management (HIM) continues to evolve. Larger percentages of information have moved to digital and online. At the same time, more health data is being shared across a wider playing field of public, private, and consumer stakeholders, including a larger virtual workforce. This vast amount of electronic healthcare data now resting in multiple hands raises the bar for health systems’ cybersecurity diligence.


Learn How to Bolster Healthcare Cybersecurity at your Organization Today

ComplyAssistant’s President and CEO Gerry Blass and Community Options’ Director of Technology Jason Tahaney recently authored an article in HCCA’s Compliance Today magazine titled “How Simplifying your IT Environment can Bolster Security.” The article provided important tips and best practices for CIOs to keep in mind. As the present-day cybersecurity environment continues to be ravaged by hackers and scammers, this article serves as a reminder that sometimes the best tools for mitigating risk are in your own backyard.