Medical Device Cybersecurity E-book


Free Medical Device Cybersecurity E-book offers 5 guidelines to evaluate and maintain your medical device cybersecurity. Make sure your organization knows the cybersecurity vulnerabilities associated with your medical devices.

Medical device cybersecurity has become significantly more important in the age of digital health. There are essential actions health systems must take to protect themselves – and their patients. This free e-book offers 5 guidelines to evaluate and maintain your medical device cybersecurity.

There’s no shortage of news coverage on the ever-present need for improved medical device cybersecurity. From pacemakers to insulin pumps and beyond, medical devices are attractive targets for hackers.

But even more appealing, according to Modern Healthcare’s article on medical device cybersecurity, are connected devices or machines that can provide a path directly into a health system’s network. These include devices gathering, examining or storing patient data within the hospital such as MRI machines and vital signs monitors.

Medical devices don’t always incorporate the same type of encryption as other technologies or healthcare IT systems. Now, in the age of digital health, this deficiency makes medical devices more vulnerable as access points to a health system’s entire network. Says the Modern Healthcare article:

“Hacking a device like a networked MRI machine as a way into a Wi-Fi network. That could provide access to a health system’s network, where hackers could wreak all sorts of havoc, ultimately risking patient safety by potentially interrupting care by holding electronic health records hostage; breaching protected health information; taking down the system entirely; or simply causing devices to malfunction.”1

How can hospitals and health systems protect themselves – and more importantly, patient safety – with proper medical device cybersecurity protocol?

Download our free Medical Device Cybersecurity E-book to review the 5 guidelines to get you started. 

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