The Crucial Difference Between Security And Compliance For Healthcare

Posted by Tonni Islam

While there is a common misconception that compliance and security are the same thing, they are not necessarily interchangeable. This is particularly true with regard to the healthcare industry. 

Of course, when it comes to keeping your company and your patients safe, security and compliance objectives are necessary. 

Key Differences Exist

It’s important to note that compliance often revolves around meeting security framework requirements in order to get approval from regulatory agencies.

Security, on the other hand, is designed to monitor and prevent threats against your organization regardless of arbitrary frameworks. With that being said, a company that’s secure may not necessarily be compliant and a company that’s compliant may not necessarily be secure. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into the difference between these two terms so that you can have a better understanding of how to prepare your organization for ultimate safety and peace of mind.

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Security Vs. Compliance

Let’s look at the difference between compliance and security one by one:

What Is Compliance?

Compliance involves adhering to a regulatory body and the standards set. They are designed to protect your patients, your partners, and your own organization. 

You must put forth consistent effort in order to maintain compliance. Not only will patients be hesitant to interact with any healthcare organization that is not compliant, but you can also face fines and other substantial consequences. 

What Is Security?

Security is more focused on the tactics that you use to keep your company secure, including identities, trade secrets, and of course client or patient information as well. 

Security often comprises the following elements, network access, security awareness, authentication, physical controls, and IT frameworks.

The Differences Between Security And Compliance

While security is more influenced by security threats, compliance adheres to specific frameworks that are less subjective. 

Security can be seen as protecting the assets of your company or organization, while compliance is intended to protect the consumer or, in this case, your patients. Security requires consistent effort, as does compliance.

In this aspect, they do not differ very much. Whereas non-compliance can result in penalties and financial consequences, security has no limit to the dangers involved if someone accesses your systems or information.

Keep Your Healthcare Organization Secure And Compliant

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