Podcast: Q&A with St. Joseph’s Health CISO Jesse Fasolo: “The Transition to Being Fully Cloud-hosted Is Still Years Away.”

Posted by Ken Reiher

ComplyAssistant client, Jesse Fasolo believes there are two types of leaders: those who “sit back and allow the vendor to come to them when they need something,” and those who do the legwork. In fact, by the time he speaks with a prospective partner, he has already done his due diligence, Fasolo said in an interview with Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief of healthsystemCIO. “I want to be the person who’s proactive; who has the vision, the strategy, and the roadmap, and knows how to plot the steps required to get down the road. I don’t wait for a vendor to tell me what steps to take.”

During the discussion, which took place at ViVE22 in Miami, Fla., he spoke the critical role frameworks play in ensuring organizations remain compliant; the pros and cons of migrating to the cloud; how he works with his CIO to “build a vision”; and the advice he would offer to other security leaders.

To listen to the Podcast, click here.