Compliance Tips

Did You Know? HIPAA Compliance Consultants Can Implement NIST CSF

With the exponential growth in vulnerabilities over the past decade, healthcare organizations look to supplement HIPAA regulations with other types of cybersecurity frameworks. The recent uptick in telehealth and telecommuting during the COVID-19 pandemic has added even more vulnerabilities to an already long list. Cybersecurity has become a core focus for healthcare leaders as more weaknesses are identified and exploited by bad actors.


Fundamental Purchasing Guide for Vendor Risk Management Software

Are you looking to purchase vendor risk management software for your healthcare organization? Our fundamental guide outlines the features and functionality to look for when evaluating solutions, along with an expanded definition of what constitutes a “business associate” and the types of business data to be protected when working with third parties.


4 Security and Compliance Predictions for 2020

Over the course of 2019, we covered a variety of security and compliance topics, including security risk audits, HIPAA compliance, employee compliance training, and executive leadership and IT governance.

Though these issues are still relevant going into a new decade, we predict a renewed – or even evolved – outlook on four specific areas of security and compliance strategy.