How to Improve Cyber Security for Healthcare

Posted by Tonni Islam

Technology and healthcare are now intricately connected. Technology has helped healthcare operators diagnose diseases in more detail and with more automation. It also helps you run your healthcare organization using information technology. 

However, opportunities also come with risks. In terms of the healthcare industry, cybersecurity threats, unauthorized system access and data corruption run rampant. It’s important that you have the right cybersecurity protocols in place. 

Otherwise, you could jeopardize your hospital records, patient information and even financial data. In this article, let’s talk about several ways to improve cybersecurity for your organization.

Ways To Improve Cyber Security Training For Your Staff

How can cybersecurity be improved? Begin by implementing the strategies below:


Due to certain social engineering tactics and phishing, it’s never been more important to raise security awareness of your staff. You should engage in ongoing cyber security training so that they understand how to operate your systems and data while keeping information safe. 

Perform frequent software updates

A common reason for cyber security hacks is a lack of software updates. Software companies are constantly updating their software to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited. Therefore, you should never let your systems be out of date. This is a key pillar in cyber threat prevention.

Implement proven cyber security technology

Proven and secure software for healthcare, like that from ComplyAssistant, can help you protect your information while organizing your organization. You can conduct audits, identify vulnerabilities, risks, and priorities. 

Control the system access

Only a few people should have access to your cyber systems. By providing access to too many people, you expose your risk across the board. Therefore, try to silo information and only reveal it on a must-need basis. 

Use multiple passwords

Having easy-to-guess or singular passwords is one of the biggest downfalls of healthcare organizations. All it takes is a hacker to figure out the one password. From here, they can move laterally into your other systems and access records. 

Risk assessments

Using healthcare compliance software helps you assess your risks. You can maintain compliance with HIPAA, PHI, and other regulations by using the best software on the market. 

Data recovery

There should always be a backup of your data somewhere. A common hack these days is for people to access your data, then lock you out of your own system. This creates a ransom scenario where you’re not able to access important patient information once the hacker controls it.

Make Cybersecurity Improvements Today

Reach out to ComplyAssistant. Our expert healthcare compliance consultants can help you understand the best ways to reduce your risk when it comes to technology. 

Whether it’s helping you prepare for audits, protecting credit card information or securing customer data, our team can help. Reach out for a free consultation and discover how to merge technology, healthcare and security.