Healthcare Security and Risk – 2023 Health IT Predictions

Posted by Ken Reiher

Gerry Blass, President & CEO, ComplyAssistant

In a recent Healthcare IT Today article, Gerry Blass provides his opinion on top priorities for Healthcare Security and Risk in 2023:

Investments in cybersecurity will remain a top priority for healthcare executives. There are three specific gaps for provider organizations to watch in the year ahead: vendor risk management, internal audits, and disaster recovery plans.

From a third party vendor perspective, keep an eye on NIST. They are NIST updating their Cybersecurity Framework from version 1.0 to version 2.0 during 2023. Compliance with the new framework should be another evaluation factor for an organization’s third-party vendors. A complete risk register provides vital information in the case of an audit, details risks that could impact business, and gives departments an autonomous roadmap for the year ahead. Finally, DRBC plans should be updated to address extended breaks in system access—even beyond three full business days.

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