5 Tips for Preventing Healthcare System Cyberattacks

Posted by Ken Reiher

ComplyAssistant’s Gerry Blass comments on managing vendor relationships with due diligence and the importance of cybersecurity breach response plans in Digital Health Insight’s “5 Tips for Preventing Healthcare System Cyberattacks” article from January 11, 2023.

Manage vendor relationships with due diligence:

“Outsourcing is pivotal to a growing organization, but it’s important to vet the organizations you work with. CEO of ComplyAssistant, Gerry Blass, recommends making an updated Vendor Risk Management (VRM) program a priority in hospital and health systems’ cybersecurity. Organizations need policies that address risk assessment and establish contracts with vendors that reflect their standards.”

Have a cybersecurity breach response plan:

“Blass also recommends ensuring a complete risk register and extending your disaster recovery business plan. A risk register will track potential risks, and having a disaster recovery plan helps hospitals and health systems respond efficiently and with fewer delays to patient care.”

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