ComplyAssistant Kicks Off Summer Webinar Series

ComplyAssistant kicked off its summer webinar series on June 22, 2016 with guest speaker Helen Oscislawski, founder of the Attorneys at Oscislawski (aka Oscislawski LLC). Helen founded Oscislawski LLC to pursue her vision and desire to create a truly client-centric, modern-day law practice that responds to the changing needs of her predominant healthcare client base.  She is known to many as a “go to” attorney for legal guidance on HIPAA, HITECH, state privacy laws, and electronic health information exchange (HIE).

Today’s subject matter was regarding the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Phase 2 Audit Protocols. The webinar had close to 100 attendees and the initial feedback has been great. Each webinar runs approximately 30 minutes and hits on hot topics. Examples of future topics  include MACRA/MU and Third Party Security Risk Management. Each webinar will include a guest speaker from healthcare providers, attorneys, etc.

Click here to download the PDF:  Webinar Summer Series 1 – OCR Phase 2 Audits – 6-22-16


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