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Protecting Health Information In The COVID-19 Era

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, ransomware attacks were on the rise. “COVID has simply increased risk of attacks due to more locations with a remote workforce, [protected health information] through telehealth, more phishing attacks, more opportunities that hackers like to take advantage of.”


Sharing Patient Information: Pros, Cons and Implications

The news late last year around Project Nightingale aroused interest from both healthcare organizations and the public on how and when protected health information (PHI) should be shared. With new technologies, new entrants to the healthcare market, how can healthcare providers balance HIPAA, cybersecurity protections, and the need to easily share data to improve patient care?


Keeping Networks Secure In The Age Of Telecommuting

Though telecommuting was on already on the rise at a rate of 2-3% per year, the COVID-19 pandemic required healthcare organizations to re-evaluate work from home policies and quickly enable a remote workforce. But, in the midst of a pandemic, when you have to act as quickly as possible, how do you also make sure your networks and operations are still protected?


Did You Know? HIPAA Compliance Consultants Can Implement NIST CSF

With the exponential growth in vulnerabilities over the past decade, healthcare organizations look to supplement HIPAA regulations with other types of cybersecurity frameworks. The recent uptick in telehealth and telecommuting during the COVID-19 pandemic has added even more vulnerabilities to an already long list. Cybersecurity has become a core focus for healthcare leaders as more weaknesses are identified and exploited by bad actors.


Fundamental Purchasing Guide for Vendor Risk Management Software

Are you looking to purchase vendor risk management software for your healthcare organization? Our fundamental guide outlines the features and functionality to look for when evaluating solutions, along with an expanded definition of what constitutes a “business associate” and the types of business data to be protected when working with third parties.