What You Should Know About the Intersection of Cybersecurity and Compliance

Posted by Tonni Islam
What You Should Know About the Intersection of Cybersecurity and Compliance

Digitization and technology dependency in organizations have necessitated the increased need for cybersecurity and compliance in unprecedented ways. Cybersecurity measures are designed to protect an organization from cyber threats, and compliance ensures that an organization adheres to industry regulations and standards.

Over the years, cybersecurity and compliance have become intertwined, with their intersection causing significant confusion. In this article, we will explore the intersection of cybersecurity and compliance and tell you all you need to know about the two.


In an organization, cybersecurity comprises all efforts designed to protect networks, devices, and data from unauthorized access, damage, or theft. It entails implementing efforts such as using firewalls, encryption, antivirus software, and other techniques to keep data and systems secure. In a nutshell, cybersecurity protects an organization from cyberattacks that can cause data breaches, reputational damage, and financial losses. Some of these issues can affect an organization’s reputation when data breaches culminate into a major legal action.


Compliance defines adherence to specific guidelines and standards set by regulatory bodies or industry associations. As noted earlier, an organization is constantly under threat from cyberattacks that can result in legal action. Compliance ensures that the organization operates within legal and ethical frameworks, which then protects it from taking liability in case of a cyberattack. Compliance also means that customer and employee data is protected from unauthorized access and use.

Even without legal action, every organization that acquires customer data must comply with industry regulations and guidelines. Failure to do so means they can suffer severe consequences, such as legal action, fines, and damage to the organization’s reputation among its clientele. Therefore, compliance is what keeps an organization updated on current compliance regulations that will prevent cybersecurity risks.

Where Cybersecurity and Compliance Intersect

Undeniably, there are ways in which compliance and cybersecurity can intersect in an organization. From the onset, an organization cannot ensure compliance and ignore the benefits associated with cybersecurity. These two approaches must co-exist within the organization, and they are significantly interdependent.

The intersection of cybersecurity and compliance results in greater benefits for an organization. Still, cybersecurity is a critical component of an organization’s compliance with regulatory requirements. For example, if an organization must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that organization must have sufficient security measures to protect personal data. Data protection regulation is a compliance issue, and security measures to protect such data are cybersecurity measures.

Looking for an Effective Integration of Compliance and Cybersecurity?

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