The Power Of A GRC Platform With MSSPs In Mind

Posted by Tonni Islam

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) has traditionally been a fairly cumbersome process. While legacy software has existed for years, modern Software as a Service (SaaS) has the ability to transform how you conduct GRC. This is particularly true for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

After all, you’re not just managing compliance or security, you’re doing it for a variety of clients that each have their unique goals, circumstances, and realities in order to avoid regulatory violations.

Additionally, MSSPs must properly manage their audit processes. This can change depending on the regulatory agency in question — and the documentation that either needs to be created, communicated, or organized. Thus, with the right GRC software, you can quickly adapt to any client’s needs and mitigate security risks.

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GRC Auditing 101:

During a GRC audit, an auditor will evaluate an organization’s processes regarding a particular framework, such as HIPAA or PCI-DSS.

Primarily, the auditor will want to identify if the risks associated with the client’s operations have been properly identified and managed.

GRC audits can involve:

  • Evaluating evidence of proper GRC controls in the organization.
  • Stress testing security protocols.
  • Reviewing department compliance and regulatory frameworks.
  • Analyzing potential vulnerabilities in the organization’s data management.

The Main Benefits Of Using A GRC Platform As An MSSP

There are several benefits associated with using the right GRC software. Primarily, you can automate processes that would otherwise be done on paper, easily streamline the process, and get a centralized view during the client’s audit.

This allows you to see your compliance and cybersecurity data. They can then be communicated in a way that stakeholders who are non-technical can easily understand it.

From here, you can quickly build out reports on the audit process. You can also establish clear timelines for your reporting, which you cannot do with simple spreadsheets.

Learn More About GRC Software Today

Governance, risk, and compliance software is critical to running any healthcare organization or MSSP. Simply navigating compliance is not enough.

So if you’re looking for an integrated approach to maintaining security and compliance for you or your clients, reach out to ComplyAssistant today. Learn more about our comprehensive healthcare GRC software for reducing risk and streamlining your workflow.

GRC Platform With MSSPs