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With our software and service solutions, ComplyAssistant will streamline your healthcare organization's compliance process.

Compliance Solutions

ComplyAssistant software and services focus on these compliance areas.

Looking for software to support a compliance program?

ComplyAssistant software includes these key features and is built to handle any compliance regulation.

Risk Management

Assign compliance and risk levels, task risk mitigation procedures and document processes for compliance.

Incident Management

Document event information to ensure your organization follows a standard process each time.


Manage policies, procedures, and plans. Reference them to key compliance regulations.

Contract Management

Use our task workflow design to define and assign contract reviews and schedule alerts based on key dates.

Vendor Management

Audit your third party business associates (BA's) with predefined or custom external assessments.

Internal Assessments

Create location-based assessments to gather answers from within your organization.

Healthcare organizations of all sizes trust ComplyAssistant.


The Top Ten Things Your Organization Should Be Doing To Pass An Audit and Reduce Risk of a Breach

Imagine trying to come up with the top ten things our planet should do to decrease vulnerabilities and threats. Looking at earth from 30,000 feet can make that seem easier to do. But if we zoom in to the details we could probably come up with hundreds of things to consider. The same is true with health information privacy and security. To come up with what we consider to be the top ten things to do to pass an Office for Civil Rights (OCR) audits and reduce risk of unauthorized access to your protected health information (PHI), we had to zoom out and look at what we have observed over the past several years from a very high level. Our top ten things to do are not listed in any particular order. Keep in mind that our top ten today will most likely change very soon and at least year to year. Here they are:


Prepare and Protect.

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