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NJ HIMSS Free Webinar on Information Security Considerations in Regards to Population Health

The webinar was held on September 21st 2017 and focused on:

  • The evolution of Population Health
  • New technologies and solutions  that could impact information security:
    • IOT (internet of things)
    • The cloud
    • Mobile devices and medical devices
    • Personal apps
    • Telemedicine and more.

It is a numbers game when considering increased risk from both internal threats and external attacks. Healthcare organizations must therefore conduct ongoing risk assessments to identify gaps and vulnerabilities that make identifiable health information prone to unauthorized access, both in transit and at rest.

The webinar also included a discussion regarding who is typically responsible for implementing controls that are necessary to protect against threats, including vendors, providers and even the patients themselves.

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Manage Third Party (BA) Risk By Exception

If your organization is struggling to manage BA risk, this webinar could offer great insight. We look forward to seeing you at the next one.



A significant number of HIPAA breaches have been caused by business associates (BAs) and their own downstream BAs. What should covered entities (CEs) do to protect themselves, to demonstrate due diligence, and to reduce risk?

CEs are responsible to manage their BAs from both a contract standpoint and an information privacy and security standpoint. And, BAs are responsible to do the same for their own subcontractors that are also known as “downstream BAs.”

This webinar focused on what CEs and BAs should consider when implementing a functional BA management program, such as:

  1. BA inventory organization
  2. Criteria to consider for rating a BA’s inherent risk
  3. How to effectively administer a large number of BA assessments using an automated approach with exception management
  4. Rate assessments based on risk level and documented evidence
  5. Assign mitigation action items

All demos are done using our cloud-based healthcare compliance software.

You can also download the PowerPoint PDF here:

Third Party Business Associate (BA) Risk Management:

OCR Phase 2 Preparation: