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In 2020, CMMC defined five levels of certification, based on the sensitivity of the information a contractor is handling and the level of cybersecurity maturity needed to secure information at each level. For the first time, contractors have a responsibility to comply with these capabilities—and have that compliance verified by a third party.

The five levels of CMMC Maturity are as follows:

  • Performed—Basic Cyber Hygiene
  • Documented—Intermediate Cyber Hygiene
  • Managed—Good Cyber Hygiene
  • Reviewed—Proactive
  • Optimizing—Advanced/Progressive

We suggest these 5 steps to managing CMMC compliance

With ComplyAssistant’s CMMC software, users easily and seamlessly analyze, manage, and score risk based on their respective cybersecurity maturity level.

1) Analyze Risk

Assess your organization’s risk using our thorough risk analysis tool, based on CMMC guidelines. You’ll be able to assign your organization a score based on risk level, and identify high-, medium- and low-risk areas.

cmmc software analyze risk

2) Manage Risk

Using your risk ratings, you can then begin to manage areas of risk throughout your organization. We recommend starting with the highest areas of risk first and then working your way down. Our compliance software allows you to distinguish high- and medium-risk areas to guide your remediation efforts.

cmmc software manage risk

3) Document Management

Ready to consolidate your CMMC compliance documents into one secure place? Us too. No need to keep pesky binders full of documents and emails scattered throughout your inbox or shared drives. Easily store and manage them directly in ComplyAssistant.

cmmc software document management

4) Task Management

CMMC compliance requires ongoing action plans and task assignments. Customers love our user-friendly approach to delegating tasks across their organization, including notifications to keep everyone on task.

cmmc software task management

5) Reporting

Our fully comprehensive dashboard keeps your CMMC compliance program on track. Stay up to date with risk progress and compliance level progress.

cmmc software reporting
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